Finally, my new studio is ready!

After three long years of owner building I am ready to resume  some serious photography work. I want to begin with some beautiful atmospheric winter portraiture experimenting with my new onsite locations.  I am offering big discounts for August and September (Unfortunately I am not available in July)  Please get in touch using the contact page if you would like to to take advantage of this Winter offer.  See you at the new Bluehouse Studio….umm actually its red brick now,  but I will just have to live with the confusion! 😕

3e74265b-19b2-4b1c-9d2b-f692d3c9ba5a4c30837b-9879-49ae-a12f-e030044f5c0b last of the winter sun

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WOW! The most fun ever at a Wedding!!

cover1WOW! amazing, creative, energetic and entirely original weddings don’t happen by chance. It takes a special couple and a fab team of helpers.   This wedding was the “funnest wedding ever!!”  The girls were still putting the finishing touches on their frocks as I arrived.  Along with the clever (and gorgeous) bride, they had constructed some really fun bouquets from twigs,  book pages,  crepe paper… and I swear I saw bits of egg carton in there too.  They also made colourful button holes for all the guest and even two for the humble photographer and her assistant! All the invitations were works of art, even the one for Daisy the dog. The girls all danced down over the bridge and onto a tiny island to meet the groom, the bride arrived in a tiny toyota from a bygone age and was swept away by her bridegroom on a bright red trike!  I wish these lovely ones all the fun and joy that life can offer!!

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Windsor Elegance

Bluehouse Studio

This delightful couple opted for an old world elegance on their special day. Their attention to detail and meticulous planning resulted in a perfect day with family and friends, and a lifetime of wonderful memories.


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Crazy Busy!!

What a year so far!  Sorry for the long gap between posts but it has been crazy busy at Bluehouse Studio with exciting weddings, upcoming exhibitions and I am still doing some teaching for the Photography departments at both Swinburne University and Chisholm TAFE.  However the biggest project of the year will be the new studio I am building!!


I have decided I want to live in a barn,  and I have decided that I want to design and build it myself.  So I am in the process of becoming an owner- builder, and I am drawing on my interior design training to do some initial plans.  So far all I have is a beautiful block of land with two giant oak trees on it and a collection of antique building materials.



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Gardens and Glamour


Perfect Spring weather was the order of the day for a perfect couple!  This gorgeous pair opted for photos is the exquisite Cloudehill Gardens prior to their wedding ceremony in the garden at  Chateau Wyuna. The bridal party then frolicked  under blue skies, enjoying the sunshine before sitting down to a sumptuous meal with  friends and family.

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SILVER AWARDS at the Australian Professional Photography Awards

polaroid transfer printed on fine art watercolour rag.

polaroid transfer printed on fine art watercolour rag.

This year I was awarded two Silvers at the Australian Professional Photography Awards. One was for an emulsion transfer of three vintage frocks, which I photographed with my trusty polariod camera and then peeled the emulsion from its backing and transferred it to some fine art watercolour rag paper.  The second one was for one of my Whimsica pieces “Fruits from Afar”. 

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“The Sirens” – it’s finally finished

Finally finished it - my most ambitious piece yet!

Finally finished it – my most ambitious piece yet!

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Whimsica Worldwide


Well I have not even finished the Whimsica Collection and I have already sold some of the pieces overseas!  I am delighted to know that The Butcher’s Wife will be hanging on a wall in Italy.  It was purchased at the Arte Laguna exhibition in Venice after it won the Press Award there.  “The Goose Girl” and all her geese have also flown off to their new home in the UK.  The images are available in signed limited editions of 30.I am currently working on my most ambitious piece so far “The Sirens”.

the-butchers-wifeWhimsica Exhibition

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Arrrrrr…. me salty old sailors..

salty sailors1

Well we had fun working on my next Whimsica piece, I photographed some salty old sea dogs who will have the unfortunate luck to be lured to their death by the beautiful Siren, Emma.  I have made three siren costumes so far, a pink one a blue one and a green one.  Emma is the green Siren –  we were both relieved to find that the costume did not blow away once we got her up onto the cliffs.  Here are some snaps from the day.  Of course there will be many hours of work to complete the final image. Stay tuned me hearties!

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This elegant and fun couple chose to celebrate their wedding with family and friends at Poet’s Lane in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. The bride carried a stunning and unusual boquet of proteas and roses and wore  flowers in her hair to compliment  her exquisite gown.

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