Awesome and Original!!

This incredibly creative couple tied the knot with originality and heaps of quirky style when they exchanged vows  amongst friends and family in their garden.  The bride is well known for her enviromentally aware stance within the fashion industry and she created the entire wardrobe for the bridal party. The groom, a talented jewellery designer, hand made the wedding rings and brewed a fabulous variety of cider and ale for each guest to take home. The couple spent mega-hours working on their special day, while also running a succesful business  “Limerance” in Belgrave, caring for their son, and busily hatching yet another little chick for their nest.  They spent time scouring second hand shops for unique pieces to adorn their garden and collected pretty china for the fabulous spread – all made fresh on the day by Nicole from Magpie Cafe in Upwey! I have soooo many fabulous images, there are lots more to come soon,  but I just had to get these first few up on my blog straight away!

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