Triple Silvers!

As many of you will know the Australian Professional Photography Awards were held last month. This is a chance for professionals to enter their latest work and find out where they stand among the best of the best. This year I decided to enter after a break of six years and I was delighted to receive three silver awards for pieces from my work in progress “Whimsica”. The collection will present  historical themes which have been produced using contemporary techniques.

Whimsica Exhibition

"OPHELIA" This image won a Silver Award for Linda at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards this year


The Goose Girl


The Butcher's wife

Thanks must go to the lovely models: Bek, Ashlee and Tammie who braved squealing piglets, aggressive geese and the murky waters at sunset to help me with these images.

BEHIND THE SCENES SNAPSHOTS Learning curve: working with piglets is earshattering, they squeal all the time! and they can really run, thank goodness we had plenty of help to chase them down.  And as for standing in an unspeakably gooey and slippery dam trying to get a live girl to float like a dead one, well that was a fun evening.  I could have done without having to go back in there after dark to retrieve my reflector,which had floated off into the deepest part of the dam – while my assistant was sipping nice hot soup in dry clothes and taking these snaps (and laughing a lot). But I have really loved creating these images and look forward to completing the collection sometime toward the end of this year.

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  1. Fantastic photography Linda. I am proud of you.
    Congratulation on winning 3 silver awards, you deserve them for your creative images.

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