WOW! The most fun ever at a Wedding!!

cover1WOW! amazing, creative, energetic and entirely original weddings don’t happen by chance. It takes a special couple and a fab team of helpers.   This wedding was the “funnest wedding ever!!”  The girls were still putting the finishing touches on their frocks as I arrived.  Along with the clever (and gorgeous) bride, they had constructed some really fun bouquets from twigs,  book pages,  crepe paper… and I swear I saw bits of egg carton in there too.  They also made colourful button holes for all the guest and even two for the humble photographer and her assistant! All the invitations were works of art, even the one for Daisy the dog. The girls all danced down over the bridge and onto a tiny island to meet the groom, the bride arrived in a tiny toyota from a bygone age and was swept away by her bridegroom on a bright red trike!  I wish these lovely ones all the fun and joy that life can offer!!

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